Definitions for "Adaptations"
Any adjustments or modifications in environment, instruction, or materials used for learning that enhance the student's performance or allow participation in an activity.
by state definition, "changes made to the environment, curriculum, and instruction and/or assessment practices in order for a student to be a successful learner. Adaptations include accommodations and modifications."
a generic term that encompasses both accommodations and modifications. Both curricular and instructional adaptations may be used in their classroom according to their perceived acceptability by teachers.
In evolutionary theory, the physical characteristics, skills, or abilities that increase the chances of reproduction or survival and are therefore likely to be passed along to future generations. go to glossary index
Characteristics that give an organism a better chance of survival.
Traits that increase the fitness of an individual relative to individuals that lack the traits.
Alterations to a home for people who are diasbled or have a sensory impairment. Adaptations help people to remain in their homes should their condition deteriorate.
(Biological) Any structural or physiological characteristic that allows an organism to exist under the conditions imposed by its habitat.
Furnishing that capture the flavor of the original but are not authentic.
Any procedure intended to meet an educational situation with respect to individual differences in ability or purpose.
adjustment to environmental conditions