Definitions for "Tungsten"
A rare element of the chromium group found in certain minerals, as wolfram and scheelite, and isolated as a heavy steel-gray metal which is very hard and infusible. It has both acid and basic properties. When alloyed in small quantities with steel, it greatly increases its hardness. Symbol W (Wolframium). Atomic weight, 183.6. Specific gravity, 18.
Scheelite, or calcium tungstate.
A rare metallic element having a bright gray color, a metallic luster, and a high melting point. It is a critical component of carbide tooling.
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Codename for FAA operation against Tirpitz
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Colour film which is colour balanced for use with indoor lighting.
Color temperature of artificial light (3200K). Tungsten balanced film is to be used for indoor shooting and if used outdoors (w/o a filter) will give the exposed image a light blue hue.
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|- | 182W || 26.50% || colspan="4" | W is stable with 108 neutrons |- | 183W || 14.3% || colspan="4" | W is stable with 109 neutrons |- | 184W || 30.64% || colspan="4" | W is stable with 110 neutrons
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