Definitions for "Unsupported"
Often, on this wiki and on the forums, we discuss things that we call "Unsupported". Things that are unsupported are, well... Not supported. This means that the programs and guides marked as unsupported are either contributed by people we do not know or trust, or are in an unfinished state. Hence, if you you tell us that it doesn't work, we can't do anything about it, because it's beyond our control. Do not join the IRC channel and ask for help, we don't want to hear your problems. While "Unsupported" does not mean "Impossible", fixing problems that arise from using unsupported guides may be beyond your skills. Do some research, search the forums, search this wiki, and search the Internet ( You'll figure it out once you learn enough about what you're trying to do. We are not your personal tutors! If you attempt an unsupported guide, you are on your own! See the troubleshooting page for help. It lists all ways we know of how to fix a broken iPod caused by an iPodLinux installation.
It is not feasible for system staff to maintain all the software that is available. If you compile a program you downloaded off the net and it doesn't work, they won't usually try and figure out why. Some software that is installed on the computers is also designated unsupported. This means that although it is available, staff has decided not to provide any help with it.
not sustained or maintained by nonmaterial aid; "unsupported accusations"
not supported by written evidence; "unsupported accusations"
To present participles which come from intransitive verbs, or are themselves employed as adjectives, to mark the absence of the activity, disposition, or condition implied by the participle;
(1) (of a suit) not raised by partner.(2) (of an honor) not accompanied by the next lower-ranking card.(3) (of an honor) unguarded.
This is a result code where an assertion test could not be performed because the conditional feature was not implemented.
Keywords:  borne, roof, post, central, held
not held up or borne; "removal of the central post left the roof unsupported"