Definitions for "TABLET PC"
A touch-sensitive computer screen tablet designed by Microsoft for the entry of handwritten text using a stylus or digital pen. The Tablet PC runs Windows applications and can function as a primary personal computer as well as a note-taking device.
a bundle of touchscreen technology with a self contained computer system
a compact and portable device typically the size of a spiral bound notebook
an ideal way of taking computerized notes in a meeting, deposition or conference
Term coined by Microsoft to describe their latest hardware initiative. These devices are clipboard-sized, keyboard-less slates running a modified version of the Windows XP operating system. The Tablet PC's primary functions are wireless Internet access, eBook reading, light productivity, email, and taking notes in meetings.
a wonderful way to use electronic medical records at the point of care
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a new animal, and we went back to the drawing board to design a brand-new form factor
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a machine running XP pro with extra's
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a special type of Windows PC that lets you write directly