Definitions for "Strainer"
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That through which any liquid is passed for purification or to separate it from solid matter; anything, as a screen or a cloth, used to strain a liquid; a device of the character of a sieve or of a filter; specifically, an openwork or perforated screen, as for the end of the suction pipe of a pump, to prevent large solid bodies from entering with a liquid.
A device used to separate air solids from the stream of air that might become a source of trouble. Adulterants caught in the strainer are blown out through an orifice fitted with a valve or plug. The strainer should be opened periodically for a thorough cleaning. ( 010)
A device that fits onto the top of a tumbler and allows you to pour the liquid into a glass, while keeping the ice behind.
Tree branches or tea trees with the current flowing through them. These can often be submerged and are a definite hazard to swimmers.
Brush, fallen trees, bridge pilings, or anything else that allows the current to sweep through but pins boots and boaters. These are lethal.
an obstacle in the water (like a fallen tree branch) which allows water to pass through, but can trap and hold boats and passengers.
A wood support frame to which the canvas of oil paintings or the fabric of needleart is sometimes attached. Strainers also can be inserted behind large framed items to stabilize the frame. Strainers are constructed as solid frames and are not adjustable. (See "Stretcher.")
A wooden frame for textile supports that has rigid, immovable corners
A stretcher from with fixed corners. It cannot be expanded.
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tool used to hold back icecubes and so on in the shaker
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Stroke Stroke to bore ratio
Auxiliary support – fabric over wood, fastened tightly at all joints. Strainer Examples
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an elegant addition to you tea time
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a must have if large home bar you are using a Boston
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One who strains.