Definitions for "Atomizer"
One who, or that which, atomizes; esp., an instrument for reducing a liquid to spray for disinfecting, cooling, or perfuming.
A pump that creates a fine spray of perfume.
A device by means of which a liquid is reduced to a very fine spray.
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Atomizer is a 1986 album by the noise rock group Big Black. It is their debut album as all previous releases are EPs. The LP is accompanied by liner notes that explain the stories behind many of the songs.
Atomizer is a synthpop duo featuring Nag Nag Nag founder and veteran musician and DJ Jonny Slut with fellow Nag Nag Nag DJ Fil OK. Their debut single was co-produced by the KLF's Jimmy Cauty.
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See Laura Fry
a device for atomization
A device used to produce droplets by mechanical disruption of a bulk liquid.1
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part of an oil gun which breaks up the fuel oil flow into tiny particles by both mechanical means the use of an atomizing medium. The oil and atomizing medium mix together in the atomizer and then flow to the oil tip to be discharged into the furnace.