Definitions for "CEP"
Circular error probable. In a circular normal distribution, the radius of the circle containing 50 percent of the individual measurements being made, or the radius of the circle within which there is a 50 percent probability of being located.
Circular Error Probable. An indicator of the delivery accuracy of a weapon system, used as a factor in determining probable damage to a target. It is the radius of a circle within which half of a missile's projectiles are expected to fall.
Circular Error Probable- Defines how likely a bomb is to reach its target
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Contributions Equivalent Premium. A premium payable to the State to purchase SERPS rights, when an individual has been contracted out for less than 2 years (5 years prior to 6 April 1988), and ceases to be contracted out under an occupational scheme. The member is reinstated into SERPS, for the period originally contracted out, and State scheme will then provide any GMP.
Contrat d'√Čtude Pr√©visionnelle (Forward studies contract)
Conferencia Episcopal Peruana
Cutting Edge Products, P.O. Box 3809, Chico CA 95927, 530-342-1970 316 stainless steel and 4130 carbon steel pipes with 309 SS heads, shears with rod handles edge welded to flat head, spring steel jacks with oval blades, metal paddles, tweezers with a brass end that I don't like - heavy. Cane cutter. Discount on pipe and punty set.
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See Cryptographic Endorsement Program.
Certificate Enrollment Protocol. A certificate management protocol jointly developed by Cisco Systems and VeriSign, Inc. CEP is an early implementation of Certificate Management Messages over Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMC). CEP specifies how a device communicates with a CA, including how to retrieve the CA's public key, how to enroll a device with the CA, and how to retrieve a CRL. CEP uses PKCS #7 and PKCS #10. For more information about CEP, see
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winestock, grapevine stump
Captured Enemy Personnel (UK, Malayan Emergency)
Comprehensive Exercise Program. Through this program, FEMA conducts realistic exercises that address all hazards and incorporate real-world difficulties. The exercises involve key personnel from Federal, State, local, private, and volunteer organizations.
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The word cep is a Gascon term for the Boletus edulis...
(Compte d'Epargne Logement) = long-term saving account
Closer Economic Partnership (AFTA-CER)
Clean Energy Partnership
Complex Event Processing (CEP) is an emerging technology for building and managing information systems. The goal of CEP is to enable the information contained in the events flowing through all of the layers of the enterprise IT infrastructure to be discovered, understood in terms of its impact on high level management goals and business processes, and acted upon in real time.
The Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing, part of the NHS PASA (Purchasing and Supplies Agency). ImPACT is CEP's CT evaluation group. Link
Consejo Electoral Provisional
Committee on Environmental Policy/UN ECE
Carolina Environmental Program
Committee on Educational Policy
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Centro Properties Limited
USEPA's Cumulative Exposure Project for 1990.
Certified Equity Professional
General term for Community Experience Programs