Definitions for "CDI"
(Course Deviation Indicator) A CDI with glideslope indicator An instrument that indicates an aircraft's relationship to a selected course. It has a vertical needle that represents the intended course. When the needle is centered, the aircraft is on course. The CDI can work with various navigational radios, such as VOR, ILS, GPS, and others. It may have an additional horizontal needle to indicate the ILS glideslope.
Customer Disconnect Indicator or Indication
The vertical needle of a VOR indicator which shows the aircraft's relative to the selected VOR radio.
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(Contrat à durée indéterminée) = indefinite contract
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée (Permanent contract)
Chess Depository Interests
CREST Depositary Interest
Chess Depositary Interests NYSE New York Stock Exchange
compact disc-interactive; a self contained CD that attaches to a monitor for still, animated, and full-motion video
Compact Disc Interactive. An offshoot technology from CD, developed by Philips as an educational and entertainment format providing interactive still and moving pictures and audio sound.
Compact Disc Interactive. Similar to CD-ROM technology that was introduced by Philips and Sony and has not been widely accepted.
category development index. An index that is calculated by taking the percentage of a product category's total sales that occur in a given market areas as compared to the percentage of the total population in the market. [Go to source
category development index. A trend analysis that indicates the pace of sales of a product category in an area.
Category Development Index. Like BDI, but for the entire category.
Customer Data Integration - the key (hard) part of EAI
An industry leader in network information systems, system design implementation and integration, technology education and training, information systems maintenance and support services; as well as a personal computer sales and service center.
Customer Data Integration. Customer data integration (CDI) is comprised of process and technology solutions for recognizing a customer at any touchpoint - while aggregating accurate, up-to-date knowledge about that customer and delivering it in an actionable form "just in time" to touchpoints.
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Cease And Desist Order
Center for Digital Innovation at UCLA's School of the Arts & Architecture.
Center for Defense Information
Capacitor Discharge Ignition
Committee span of the Democratization of IT
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Chief of Defence Intelligence
cargo disposition instructions
Description given to a particular type of diesel engine.
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Core Data Item