Definitions for "ind "
Intercept Director
INDependent City Subway - subdivision B-2 of the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) subway system.
INDs are filed for FDA approval prior to the initiation of trials in humans.
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dBase IV or DataPerfect Index
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ind allows you to indent output from a sub-process, which is useful for scripting. It has been ested with FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X on x86, AMD-64, Alpha, SPARC32, SPARC64, and PPC.
Index files are produced by the MakeIndex and automatically get included into your LaTeX document wherever you put the \printindex command. The \index commands in your LaTeX document write raw indexing data to the IDX file. MakeIndex reads the IDX file, sorts and formats the index according to the IST file, and produces an IND file for your document.
Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Immigration and Nationality Department. A department within the Home Office responsible for making decision on asylum and immigration cases.
The department of the Home Office responsible for dealing with immigration and nationality.
Improvised Nuclear Device (i.e., a homemade nuclear bomb).
Improvised nuclear device. A weapon that uses a simple, untested design to attempt to create a nuclear explosion.
Indeterminate. A species for which there is insufficient information to support a status designation.
Industry; here: addressees of recommendations
Indeterminate. Any native species for which there is insufficient scientific information on which to base a status recommendation.
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Individualized Medicine Informatics
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The Team ID for the Indianapolis Colts.
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An individual constant, as in predicate logic, which can also be considered to be a fixed argument like RDF resources. Attributes: @type, @uri(See: term module)
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NYC subway division called the Independent. Includes A, B, C, D, E, F, GG subway lines.
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Abbreviation for the Indiana Pacers - Loss
Registered independent school, normally charging fees.
Independent school, approved under the Education Act 1996 to take pupils who have statements of SEN.
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(In unit/formation designation) Indian KAR
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INTE Identifier of an index of a table.
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Independent (Publisher)
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Independent Living Facility
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Index (file name extension)
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A person of independent means