Definitions for "Convocation"
An assembly or meeting.
An assembly of the clergy, by their representatives, to consult on ecclesiastical affairs.
An academical assembly, in which the business of the university is transacted.
The act of calling or assembling by summons.
a group gathered in response to a summons
a gathering together
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The Shek-Pvar divide themselves into six convocations, based on Pvaric principles. The convocations are both philosophical and practical, so that an apprentice learns a particular type of magic as well as the ideas behind that magic. Every Shek-Pvar is brought up in a single convocation. The convocations are: Fyvria, Jmorvi, Lyahvi, Odivshe, Peleahn, and Savorya.
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Held at the Blake campus in fall, this event brings together all Blake students and faculty for the purpose of initiating the new school year. Parents are invited to attend.
an extremely important day in the life of a student
an opportunity for students to listen to the speeches from the candidates running for SGA offices
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ASL Browser
The annual planning meeting for determining CRCAH research priorities and reviewing progress