Definitions for "NPT"
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National Priority Target
ational ipe apered threads, a standard definition of pipe thread commonly used in US plumbing fittings.
National Pipe Tapered are generally the male threads on faucets or other devices that screw into NPS female threads. They form a tight seal without requiring a gasket.
Non-Programmable Terminal. IBMspeak for dumb(ish) terminals such as the 3270 and 5520 families. IBM also uses the terms dependent workstation, NWS, and MFI with the same meaning. There is a version of the SAA user interface ( CUA 1) for NPT workstations.
Non-Proliferaton Treaty
Non Proliferation Treaty. A treaty theoretically designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to countries other than the "Big 5", U.S., Russia, Great Britain, France and China. In practice, it had little effect.
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Nocturnal penile tumescence
Post- og Teletilsynet (Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority)
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Not Put Through - pertains to invoices and/or credits which offset one another and are not put through the normal invoice/credit memo processing cycle. See NPT letter.
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nickel plated trim
Creating Opportunities through New Physical Technologies
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number of passing tracks