Definitions for "PHS"
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An administrative entity of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As of October 1, 1995, HRSA is an operating division of the PHS.
ersonal andyphone ystem: The extended cordless telephone system used primarily in Japan.
Developed by the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, the Personal Handyphone (PHS) is a lightweight portable wireless telephone that functions as a cordless phone in the home and as a mobile phone elsewhere.
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Prostaglandin H Synthase
Protocol Handling Server (component of the iMSS Call Agent)
Proposal Handling Subsystem
Packaging, Handling and Storage
A Japanese standard for digital cellular service. It provides low-mobility or fixed wireless access in the 1,900-megahertz radio band.
Digital mobile phone system according to Japanese standard in the frequency range 1900MHz.
A Japanese standard for 2G PCS wireless networks.
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Personal Handphone System
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pilot helmet sight
an agency that serves as the office of Surgeon General; includes agencies whose mission is to improve the public health
Public Health Service
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