Definitions for "VENUS FLYTRAP"
Related Topics: [ wetlands] [ plants] The venus' flytrap is probably the most famous of North America's carnivorous plants. Despite its familiarity, until recently its range is restricted to the Cape Fear area of North Carolina. This graceful plant is equipped with paired leaves which work on the principle of a snap-jaw trap. When a fly lands on specialized trigger hairs between these leaves, the leaves will snap together, imprisoning the fly. These leaves will then remain closed until the fly has been digested.
a carnivores plants, yes they eat insects
The Venus flytrap is a plant that catches and digests bugs. Classification: Division Magnoliophyta (angioperms), Class Magnoliopsida (dicots), Subclass Dilleniidae, Order Nepenthales (insectivorous plants), Family Droseraceae (Sundews and Venus Flytrap).