Definitions for "Ibex"
Keywords:  recurved, goat, horns, eurasia, wild
One of several species of wild goats having very large, recurved horns, transversely ridged in front; -- called also steinbok.
a wild goat; for an example, see Harvard 1925.30.12 ( image).
wild goat of mountain areas of Eurasia and northern Africa having large recurved horns
a highly specialised four wheel drive all terrain vehicle, with an extremely strong spaceframe chassis/body, and usually Land Rover mechanicals
An Ibex is a specialist off-road vehicle, ready-built or supplied as a kit to build with donor parts from a Land Rover Defender on a spaceframe chassis. The Ibex can be delivered with different wheel bases and body type.
Keywords:  bersin, bulsara, capaldi, 'tupp, mick
Ibex was a short-lived Liverpool-based rock band in 1969. It is primarily known for having Freddie Mercury (then known as Freddie Bulsara), later of Queen fame as a member. The other members of the band were Mike Bersin on guitar, Mick Smith on drums and John 'Tupp' Taylor (later Jim Capaldi's manager) on bass.
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