Definitions for "Gazelle"
Keywords:  antelope, swift, grace, asia, genus
One of several small, swift, elegantly formed species of antelope, of the genus Gazella, esp. G. dorcas; -- called also algazel, corinne, korin, and kevel. The gazelles are celebrated for the luster and soft expression of their eyes.
small swift graceful antelope of Africa and Asia having lustrous eyes
an African antelope known for being extremely sensitive, agile, strong and quick to respond
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A GAZelle is a series of mid-sized trucks, vans and buses made by Russian car manufacturer GAZ. GAZelles are similar to the later launched GAZ Sobol and GAZ Valdai line of vans and light trucks. GAZelle, Sobol, and Valdai account for the majority of the Russian van and light truck market, and rank as GAZ's most popular and successful products.
Another name for S12 chassis vehicles. Sometimes referring to coupe version, with "Silvia" used for hatchbacks. See also: SILVIA and S12.
An adidas athletic shoe of the late 1960's. Worn for many purposes over the years (one reader mentioned that his coach had the track team wear them for practice), but now used mainly for indoor soccer and just having fun.
an elliptical machine that mimicks running or jogging
Keywords:  turnover, double, growth, tends, gross
a company that over four financial years has had positive growth in the turnover or the gross result and which has doubled the turnover or the gross result in the period
a very high-growth company that tends to double sales every year
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a fast runner
A term used when referring to pure blooded citizens of Solaris.
Keywords:  exercise, equipment, type
a type of exercise equipment
Keywords:  animal, land
a land animal