Definitions for "True Christian"
a believer who deligently tries to follow ALL of the teachings of Yeshua Ben Yosef
a direct spiritual descendant of Abraham
a follower of the teachings of Jesus
Keywords:  begotten, anew, creature
a creature begotten anew
a "keeper", a watchman, a warrior against falsehood, injustice, violence and every vice
a rebuke to the sinner, wherever he goes he is a living protest against the evil of sin
a sign of contradiction--a living symbol of the Cross
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a person who is a Christian in both senses Wilson described
Member of the specific Christian sect that the speaker belongs to, as all others are hell bound.
an honest person and a sincere person, a person who admits that they fall short, a person who recognizes their weakness
a person who has been deposited, rescued out of ignorance and deposited in the realm of truth
a person who is right-side up in upside-down world
Keywords:  intercessor, kingdom, hence, god, whole
an intercessor for the kingdom of God to be established in the hearts of men and hence in the world as a whole
Keywords:  heavenly, citizen, country
a citizen of that heavenly country
Keywords:  creation, good, new, works, created
a New Creation created to perform Good Works
Keywords:  mature, man
a mature man,