Definitions for "Fluff"
Keywords:  downy, ruffle, floofing, yiff, feathers
Nap or down; flue[2]; soft, downy feathers.
Anything light and downy, whose volume consists mostly of air, such as cotton or down.
any light downy material
Keywords:  fic, romantic, happy, cutsey, davey
A fic that is tooth-rottingly sweet and happy, such as Hunter braiding Davey's hair, or Adam and Jade skipping hand-in-hand through the park after a romantic picnic.
A typically short piece without a real plot, the sole purpose of these fics is to make the reader feel good. These fics usually focus on a happy relationship between two characters. Usually out of character.
silly fic, feel-good fic
cute interaction between characters.
A cute, lighthearted story.
Normally lighthearted information in a presentation used to entertain or motivate (not hard data).
A mistake, especially in the recitation of lines in a drama.
To make a mistake in the performance of; -- used mostly of lines in a drama; as, he fluffed the last line of the act.
a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)
Aina’s original or "trade" name, given by Mattel, denotes Skipper’s best friend, perhaps named for her whimsical appearance. The name may have survived as an alternate after the doll games began, though it would have been employed very rarely, and only when "Aina" was wearing her original head. Manufactured only for one year, in 1970-71, Fluff was one of two dolls present at the inception of Doll Games, a fact which has proved invaluable in efforts to date their origins.
Keywords:  botched, pianist, mess, ruin, dinner
make a mess of, destroy or ruin; "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out"; "the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
Keywords:  taslanized, mohair, yds, tumble, ply
is a one-ply, taslanized bright acrylic with 1,900 yds/lb. Fluff is a soft hair yarn very similar to mohair without the high cost. The hand felling becomes softer each time you machine wash and tumble dry your garment. Machine wash/Tumble dry.
A spreadable marshmallow substance.
Thick hairy down or bloom on the tea leaf, which becomes loosened in the blending and sifting process. It is collected and used in the manufacture of caffeine and instant tea.
Something light and inconsequential; something not to be taken seriously; -- used commonly of literary or dramatic productions, and sometimes of people.
something of little value or significance
Keywords:  crumb, scrap, textile, liberated, tires
The textile or reinforcing materials liberated from scrap tires or other rubber reinforced products during processing for crumb rubber.
Keywords:  ooc, humour, lot, contain, likely
Humour, is likely to contain a lot of OOC
Keywords:  effeminate, homosexual
effeminate homosexual.
Keywords:  mundane, hobbies, verb, talk, met
verb: to make mundane small talk, typically between two people who have just met; common subjects include where one lives, what one does for work, and general interests and hobbies.
Keywords:  atop, thrown, lie, flattening, hooking
A ball thrown in a manner to eliminate the hooking action. See Flattening the ball.
To improve the ball lie (usually by placing the ball atop a patch of grass).
Keywords:  disuse, fallen, femme, older, word
an older word for a femme, now fallen into disuse
Keywords:  lightly, move
To make or become fluffy; to move lightly like fluff.
Keywords:  rpg, slang, mechanical, link, non
( link / ) Slang for the non-mechanical elements of any RPG, such as setting material.
The opposite of 'Content'. Stuff that is there, and gives you no information.