Definitions for "Caffeine"
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A white, bitter, crystallizable substance, found in coffee and tea. It is identical with the alkaloid theine from tea leaves, and with guaranine from guarana. It is responsible for most of the stimulating effect of coffee or tea.
A naturally occurring alkaloid in coffee and, to a lesser extent, tea. It is used in medicine as a mild stimulant. A shot of espresso has the caffeine content of a can of soda. See also Decaffeination
An alkaloid which acts as a Central Nervous System stimulant and diuretic.
used to alleviate puffiness under eyes.
Used in topical creams to reduce puffiness.
Used to alleviate puffiness and temporarily shrink dimpled tissue.
Caffeine is a 2006 comedy starring Mena Suvari, Breckin Meyer, Katherine Heigl, and Mike Vogel.
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Considered by Ian Burrows, the Geek of Basha Systems, to be a critical component of complex programming. Considered by others to be … well, a necessary evil.
by controlling the lipid metabolism reduces the excessive fat tissue and thus has effective slimming properties. Improves micro-circulation and increases blood flow in capillaries. Accelerates the discharge of waste matter from the body.
is the most researched of all natural supplements. Its effects are shown by clinical trials to increase muscularity by elevating the strength of the muscle contraction when training. Mental focus is increased due to caffeine use by blocking adenosine receptors and body fat reduction is accomplished by mobilizing fatty acids for use as fuel while reducing the amount of stored carbs to be used as fuel.
The Cross-platform A. I. Framework For Everyone's Incredibly Nerdy Enjoyment project is an attempt to simplify the process of learning AI programming.
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