Definitions for "Brushing"
Keywords:  nap, abrading, novelty, knit, softer
a mechanical fabric finishing process that raises the nap of the fabric, sort of like combing, giving it a softer feel. Flannel is a brushed fabric.
Finishing process for knit or woven fabrics where brushes or other devices are used to raise a nap in fabrics to create a novelty surface texture. Used mainly in fall or winter seasons because of its warm feel.
A fabric finishing process that mechanically raises the nap of the fabric, making it softer to the touch.
Keywords:  fetlock, hoof, shoe, poor, opposite
Where the hoof or shoe hits the inside of the opposite leg, at or near the fetlock. Usually caused by poor conformation or action.
When the hoof or shoe strikes the opposite fetlock
Keywords:  sward, mowers, mowing, grass, dew
This is mainly used to remove dew from the grass or to help work top-dressing into the sward.
The practice of lifting excessive leaf and stem growth off grasses before mowing. Usually accomplished with brushes affixed to mowers ahead of the cutting reel.
Keywords:  gallop, brisk, light
Brisk; light; as, a brushing gallop.
The removal of lower branches on a tree to facilitate access, for example in closely spaced coniferous plantations.
a silviculture activity done by chemical, manual, grazing, or mechanical means to control competing forest vegetation and reduce competition for space, light, moisture, and nutrients with crop trees or seedlings.
The act of moving the brush back and forth across the ice in front of a moving stone.
Brushing is characterized by a series of overlapping and uneven lines which often cover the entire exterior and/or interior surfaces. This form of surface treatment results from the use of a brush constructed from fiber, quills, stone, or shell. The brushing technique may have been used to create a surface bond between the coils used in pottery manufacture.
Digging up the bottom or taking down the top to give more headroom in roadways.
A gaiting fault, when parallel pasterns are so close that the legs brush in passing.
Keywords:  hooves, interference, paired
Interference between paired hooves.
Keywords:  lugs, surplus, pasted, plate, frames
A method used to remove surplus paste from frames, lugs and the supports of a pasted plate.
Constructed or used to brush with; as a brushing machine.
Removing the brush and shrubs either during fireline construction or while clearing out a work area.
Keywords:  dentist, teeth, recommended, day, act
the act of brushing your teeth; "the dentist recommended two brushes a day"
Keywords:  drawer, slide, chests, pull, above
Slide The pull-out slide found above the top drawer of some small 18th C chests.
Keywords:  quick, hair, act, his, your
the act of brushing your hair; "he gave his hair a quick brush"