Definitions for "Dredging"
In hydrologic terms, the scooping, or suction of underwater material from a harbor, or waterway. Dredging is one form of channel modification. It is often too expensive to be practical because the dredged material must be disposed of somewhere and the stream will usually fill back up with sediment in a few years. Dredging is usually undertaken only on large rivers to maintain a navigation channel.
Type of surface mining in which chain buckets and draglines scrape up sand, gravel, and other surface deposits covered with water. It is also used to remove sediment from streams and harbors to maintain shipping channels. See dredge spoils. Compare area strip mining, contour strip mining, mountaintop removal, open-pit mining, subsurface.
deepening rivers or coastal waters by removing the material from the bottom of the water body.
To coat with dry ingredients such as flour or breadcrumbs
To coat with dry ingredients such as flour or bread crumbs.
is necessary for a eutrophic lake to keep it from filling in with surplus organic debris.