Definitions for "Mudra"
psycho-neural gesture which redirects pranic energy
Seal. The mudras seal the prana and constitute one of the practices of hatha yoga.
Symbolic gestures of gods and of Buddha.
the signature(s) a composer may use in compositions, woven into the song. It may or may not have anything to do with the composer's name. Not all composers have mudras. For example, Dikshitar's mudra is "Guruguha"
Informative textual part of a musical composition consisting of the name of the composer.
Mudra is the unique signature of a Carnatic music composer, which is woven into some or all of their respective compositions. Not all composers have mudras, and they do not necessarily relate to the composer's name.
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a silent invocation by the body
an Etheric energy that some have saved in their developmental philosophy for the soul