Definitions for "Stoke"
A unit of kinematic viscosity (dynamic viscosity divided by sample density); the centistoke is more commonly used.
Kinematic measurement of a fluid's resistance to flow defined by the ratio of the fluid's dynamic viscosity to density.
The basic unit of kinematic viscosity. Most of the time, the industry uses a smaller unit, cSt (centistokes). One stoke equals 100 centistokes.
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To poke or stir up, as a fire; hence, to tend, as the fire of a furnace, boiler, etc.
To poke or stir up a fire; hence, to tend the fires of furnaces, steamers, etc.
stir up or tend; of a fire
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To stick; to thrust; to stab.
A painted line that is centred along a path. Sometimes used to sightly thicken type as a design element or to meet a printing specification.