Definitions for "Fluidity"
The quality of being fluid or capable of flowing; a liquid, aƫriform, or gaseous state; -- opposed to solidity.
The ability of molten metal to flow. Common devices used to measure fluidity are: spiral casting and the Chinese Puzzle.
Ease of pour for molten metals
Fluidity is a property of membranes; it indicates the ability of lipids to move laterally within their particular monolayer. Defined as key term in Molecular Biology 7.32.5 Membranes and membrane proteins
A fusion exercise combining ballet, weight training, and yoga. See Fusion Exercise.
As a coking coal is heated, it passes through a stage in which the coal becomes plastic or fluid. The properties of the coal during this stage (such as the temperature range or plasticity, and the temperature of maximum fluidity) can be determined by laboratory tests.