Definitions for "Baffles"
Keywords:  sonar, submarine, aft, ownship, screw
A “cone of silence” astern of most submarines where sonar reception is hindered by engines, turbines, screws and other mechanical equipment located in the aft end of the submarine.
An area from 170 degrees to 190 degrees where the screw noise is so great that the sonar can't see any target in that area. Best place for a sub to attack a lone destroyer.
The area of highly disturbed water directly aft of the propellers. Baffles make it impossible for a submarine to hear directly aft.
plates which change the direction of flow of fluids.
A mechanism that regulates the flow of light in a fixture.
Device to help achieve a ventilation space between insulation and roof sheathing. It helps assure air flow from the eave vents in attics and cathedral ceilings.
Plates or obstructions built into a tank or other vessel to change the direction of fluid flow.
A chamber used to obstruct the movement of a substance (for example, water).
Pipe tees or partitions within a septic tank, which reduce turbulence at the inlet and prevent floating greases and scum from escaping into the leaching system at the outlet. (They are usually the first part of a steel tank to rust away, leaving the leach field or drywell unprotected from excessive solids overloading.)
Panels hung from the ceiling, covered in material on both sides, used to absorb noise and help acoustically tune a room.
Deflectors, vanes, guides, grids, gratings, or similar devices constructed or placed in flowing water, wastewater, or slurry systems as a check or to effect a more uniform distribution of velocities; absorb energy; divert, guide, or agitate the liquids; and check eddies.
Sound absorbing panels used to prevent sound waves from entering or leaving a certain space
(also known as gobos) Studio screen - usually on wheels - which are used to reduce leakage . They can have either sound proofed or reflecting surfaces, to suit different ambiences .
The barriers used to contain bullets and to reduce, redirect or suppress sound waves on firing ranges. Usually, baffles are placed overhead, alongside or at ground level.
Keywords:  fluff, loft, sewn, shifting, comforter
A construction feature better down comforters, baffles are small fabric walls sewn in between the top and bottom of the comforter shell. Down enclosed in the baffles is prevented from shifting and allowed to fully loft (fluff up).