Definitions for "Automatic Number Identification"
A feature that provides the billing phone number of the phone from which a call originated or the phone number itself. See also Calling Line ID (CLID).
A general industry term referring to knowledge of the calling party number (CPN). When the calling party is connected to a PBX, the number provided can be either a billing number for the PBX or the station identification number.
Being able to recognize the phone number of the person calling you. Unlike Caller ID, ANI does not require the presence of Signaling System 7 (SS7) throughout the entire network and cannot be blocked by the calling party. Scenario: You're running a large call center. Before a call is even connected to your ACD (Auto Call Distributor), the ANI presents the BN (Billing Number) of the calling party to the ACD. Your ACD then looks into its computer database and matches the number with the profile of the caller. As the customer service rep answers the phone, they get a screen pop with info about the caller. This saves as much as 30 seconds on an average call, by eliminating routine identification questions.
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