Definitions for "Ball mount"
The portion of the trailer hitch which holds the hitch, ball, and the connecting device for the sway bars on a weight-distributing hitch, and the ball alone on a weight-carrying hitch.
A removable hitch ball platform that slides into the receiver of a hitch and fastens with a pin and clip. Different ball mounts can be used to raise or lower the height of the ball to allow for level trailer towing. Ball mounts are available online at the U-Haul Store. Also see: Drawbar
The ball mount is placed inside the hitch opening which is mounted to the vehicle. Be sure to check your ball mount before towing to make sure a hitch pin is placed through the hole of the ball mount. The hitch pin secures the ball mount inside the tube of the receiver hitch when towing. Click Here to View Curt Installation Instructions Style Type #1 Ball mount: This style of ball mount is needed when the trailer and vehicle are equally level. Style Type #2 Ball mount: This style of ball mount is needed when your trailer and vehicle are NOT equally level. How do I determine what size drop or rise I need for my ball mount? To determine the size drop or rise for your style type #2 ball mount: (style type #1 is only for equal level vehicle and trailer) First level your trailer and measure from the ground up to the top ID. of receiver tube opening. Second, measure your vehicle from the ground up to the bottom of the trailer coupler. Third take the difference from both measurements and this will determine the size of drop or rise you need.