Definitions for "FLATBED"
Keywords:  trailer, truck, brite, tailboard, swung
Open sided trailer used to transport large equipment.
A flatbed, also called a haul brite, is a type of trailer on a truck that consists of a floor and no enclosure.
A vehicle body without sides or tailboard and completely open as against the drop side which has low sides and tailboard that can be swung down for the ease of loading and unloading.
A scanner/imager that uses a flat surface upon which a physical item is layed to be imaged.
The most popular scanner type; Material is put on the glass and the reading device passes the material underneath the glass capturing the whole page
A flatbed is a type of scanner or copier that uses a flat, glass surface for ...
Keywords:  sync, moviola, editing, reels, tabletop
An automobile-sized (and -priced) machine on which reels of picture and sound film run in sync across a broad flat tabletop. Digital editing systems are quickly making flatbeds obsolete, just as flatbeds once made the upright Moviola film editor obsolete.
An editing table that has a screen in the center with several editing plates lying flat.
A kind of editing machine. The separate film and soundtrack are run horizontally across this table-like device in sync with each other.