Definitions for "BRT"
British Rail Telecommunications
Bus Rapid Transit. A bus service that combines the quality of rail transit and the flexibility of buses. It can operate on exclusive transitways, HOV lanes, expressways or ordinary streets. A BRT system combines intelligent transportation systems technology, priority for transit, cleaner and quieter vehicles and rapid and convenient fare collection.
Bus Rapid Transit. A form of mass transportation that uses public roads, rights-of-way, and traffic signal priority to provide dependable, high-speed bus service.
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Bright. A BMS DFHMDF specification for a field to be displayed bright (high intensity).
Initials of Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen union.
Abbreviation for Bioresonance Therapy.
Business Review Team
Biological Review Team. The team of scientists who evaluated a scientific information considered in the National Marine Fisheries Service status review.
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Base Rate Tracker.
Body Restoration Technique. Combination of Acupressure and energy balancing to restore the body to health. Some people use this technique to lose weight.
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Be right there