Definitions for "Bus Rapid Transit"
Any of a variety of bus facilities, vehicles, and related systems intended to accommodate high capacity, improved speed, greater passenger convenience and comfort, and improved reliability and predictability of service, compared with ordinary in-street bus service. BRT routes may be in exclusive right of way, reserved lanes in streets, or lanes shared with other traffic. There are many similarities with light rail.
BRT is an integrated bus-based "rapid" transit system utilizing highly-flexible service and advanced technologies to improve customer convenience and reduce delays. BRT can operate on exclusive transitways, HOV lanes, expressways, or ordinary streets. Main features include modern low-floor buses, signal priority at intersections, maximum off-vehicle fare collection, reduced headways, real-time information displays, and modern stations.
A form of mass transportation that uses public roads, rights-of-way, and traffic signal priority to provide dependable, high-speed bus service.