Definitions for "EOR"
Enhanced Oil Recovery. Secondary and tertiary techniques for recovering crude from a pool. Oil is recovered other than by the natural pressure in a reservoir. These methods increase the proportion of oil recovered, but at additional cost.
Enhanced Oil Recovery. The recovery of hydrocarbons from a reservoir other than by the use of natural reservoir pressure. This can involve increasing the pressure (secondary recovery), heating or increasing the pore size of the reservoir (tertiary recovery).
Enhanced Oil Recovery. The use of any process for the displacement of oil from the reservoir other than primary recovery.
Exhibitor of Record.
Element Occurrence Record
Element occurrence1 record. An electronic record containing all the information about each element occurrence, such as EO type (e.g., breeding colony), geo-reference data, date of observation/collection, name(s) of observer/collector, habitat information, number of individuals etc. Depending on the geo-reference information available, element occurrence records may be mapped as points or polygons.
Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
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Exclusive OR (Also XOR)
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Extensible Open RDF
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The acronym for "effects of removal".
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End of Roll