Definitions for "BER"
Bit Error Ratio. The ratio or bits with errors to the total number of bits detected, usually expressed as a number with an exponent to a power of 10. Used to measure the quality of a signal path.
A measurement of digital transmission quality - the lower the rate, the higher the quality. A minimum BER is often specified in service-level agreements between digital carriers and their customers.
In digital applications, the ratio of bits received in error to bits sent. BERs of one error bit per billion (1x10-9) sent are typical.
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Basic Encoding Rules. A specification for encoding an ASN.1-defined data structure for transmission over a data connection. Defined in ITU-T X.209.
Basic Encoding Rate. Rule of encoding data units described in ANS.1.
1.An ISO standard (ISO 8825) for encoding records, providing a universal representation of data values. 2.A set of rules describing a mechanism to encode the abstract notation of ASN.1 into bit-strings. OCLC's Newton database records, as well as various SiteSearch interprocess communication messages, are BER-encoded records.
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Beyond Economic Repair. Where the projected cost of repair, normally for a repairable or rotable item, exceeds a management set percentage of the replacement value of the item concerned
Beyond Economic Repair - when the projected cost of repair is above a set percentage proportion of the replacement costs.
Beyond Economic Repair. Where the cost of repair exceed the perceived economic value of a product.
Building Evaluation Report (or Building Condition Assessment)
Building Evaluation Report. The Building Condition Assessment is done through a BER that documents the condition and deficiencies of a building. GSA will identify the BER work (called work items) that is to be addressed by the Prospectus Development Study (PDS). However, a PDS also must recognize other impacted work that may not be fully described in the BER work items or the Feasibility Study.
Ber is a tropical fruit growing on the tree Ziziphus mauritiana.
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German for big and great, used to signal that something is especially good. A rare sword can be considered "Ãœber" if it's properties greatly surpasses what is considered normal.
Biological and Environmental Research (aka OBER). One of the five DOE Offices of Science. See the BER web pages
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Bureau of Endangered Resources
Brake Energy Regeneration (Regarding hybrid models).
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over, above