Definitions for "Data provider"
Keywords:  ado, oai, ole, pmh, metadata
see OAI data provider
software that makes data available through the OLE DB interfaces to a consumer such as an ADO or ADO MD application.
a COM component that provides an OLE DB-compliant interface
Keywords:  cugir, sourcecan, nslds, guaranty, sns
a department, institution, government agency, other organization or individual that has provided data directly or indirectly to CUGIR
See SNS Project Data Provider.
A term specific to Strategis; it specifies one contact within a company designated to update and or alter the company profile. Assigned a username and password that enables the data provider to register with SourceCAN.
any individual or organization with georeferenced information, who wishes to register the corresponding geodata in a GeoRegistry.
a method on your class that returns an array of array of objects
a set of classes that can be used to access, retrieve and manipulate data from the databases
a set of interfaces and classes that together provide access to an underlying data source