Definitions for "SRB"
Short for Storage Resource Broker, SRB is an open distributed data management software facility developed at the University of California at San Diego. It is used with ResearchChannel’s DigitalWell digital asset management system to facilitate federated interoperation with other leading digital library systems and data grids.
In a SRB architecture, the components don't do method calls on each other's interface, and they even don't have to know the exact API of the interface. Instead, the client launches a request for a service (often also called a transaction) the SRB middleware interprets this request, looks for a server that can deliver the service, translates the client request in a format that the server can understand, connects to the server to start the execution, and returns the result to the client. The request and the answer consist of one single data structure, so the granularity with which client and server talk to each other is much larger than in the ORB case. This reduces the overhead of method calling over the network, and it relieves the server from the burden of keeping state information about the client. Moreover, changing the interface of a server doesn't require recompilation of its clients, because only the middleware must be informed about the changes. This can be done by simple adaptation of description files, without recompilation.
Storage Resource Broker, SDSC middleware for management of heterogeneous data over a network, used internally by the SSDB to store the objects uploaded by IODP proponents click here
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Solid Rocket Boosters
Solid Rocket Booster
source-route bridging. Method of bridging originated by IBM and popular in Token Ring networks. In a SRB network, the entire route to a destination is predetermined, in real time, prior to the sending of data to the destination. Contrast with transparent bridging.
Source route bridge or source route bridging. A systems-level concept used in many token ring environments where the end stations take on the responsibility of learning the exact ring-to-ring path a packet must take to reach its destination and provide all that information in a special routing field of the LAN packet.
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Sir Richard Branson [Submitted by mcuth
Service Request Block. An MVS control block representing a dispatchable unit of work (a program) in conjunction with the job step task (TCB) running in the same address space (region).
Surface Radiation Budget
Single Regeneration Budget
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sulfate-reducing bacteria