Definitions for "Screen scraping"
Some emulators and integration products require modification of existing applications on a host system. This can be time consuming and very risky. The alternative is screen scraping, where the existing host application remains untouched. Requests are sent to the host as usual and information is extracted from the resulting screens. This data can then be used for web-to-host terminal emulation or more advanced integration solutions, such as the integration of mobile devices or multiple host systems.
A process used by information aggregators to gather information from a customer's website, whereby the aggregator accesses the target site by logging in as the customer, electronically reads and copies selected information from the displayed webpage(s), then redisplays the information on the aggregator's site. The process is analogous to "scraping" the information off the computer screen.
The process of extracting ("scraping") information from a character-based green screen and giving it a graphical interface. Screen scraping requires that the graphical screen seen by the user be synchronized with the actual host screen, so the host application can only be changed one screen at a time.
Capturing data from another company's Web pages that weren't meant to be viewed by outsiders; SEO spammers do this to determine coding patterns of competitors that they then use to try to outrank them on search engine listings.
A method of conversion software to analyze HTML output for standard web browsers, and to map it to a format as required by mobile devices (e.g. WML).
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