Definitions for "Virtual Corporation"
Virtual office of the future, maximum flexibility, corporate center not defined by geographical location, totally-coordinated link-up by advanced telecommunication information systems.
The logical extension of outpartnering. With the virtual corporation, the capabilities and systems of the firm are managed with those of the suppliers, resulting in a new type of corporation where the boundaries between the suppliers' systems and those of the firm seem to disappear. The virtual corporation is dynamic in that the relationships and structures formed change according to the changing needs of the customer.
A group of corporations, often with different specialties and located in different geographical areas, that work in concert as a single entity to serve the needs of particular clients.
a company with a large turnover, virtually no premises and few staff
New term for maintaining a minimum staff of core employees, surrounded by a ring of contingent staff.
a company which exists in cyberspace and not in the real world
a network of autonomous partners that work together on a project basis
The more commonly used American term for a virtual organisation.
a specific example of a networked organization