Definitions for "Resignation"
A voluntary act taken by a staff employee to end her or his employment with the University.
Written or oral notification by an employee, relinquishing employment.
a voluntary departure form the Cooperative Extension organization.
The act of resigning or giving up, as a claim, possession, office, or the like; surrender; as, the resignation of a crown or commission.
the act of giving up (a claim or office or possession etc.)
the act whereby a vassal returns the fen into the hands of the superior, either to remain with the latter, or for the purpose of receiving it again by a new grant. The deed recording the act.
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a distraction
The state of being resigned or submissive; quiet or patient submission; unresisting acquiescence; as, resignation to the will and providence of God.
Withdrawing from all classes in which the student is enrolled at the university.
The official process by which a student withdraws from all courses during a university semester or summer term. The withdrawal is usually initiated by the student, but may be done in certain instances by university personnel. See also “ Drop.
Complete withdrawal from a course by a student.
acceptance of despair
acceptance of a situation
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a permanent suicide
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Resume Salary Salary History
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a Request to Be Excused from a Duty
a personal decision to exit a position, though outside pressure exists in many cases