Definitions for "EXCUSED"
To be withdrawn from a race after the regular time for scratches a horse must be "excused" by the Stewards.
Withdrawal from a race (sometimes on a veterinarian's recommendation) with consent from the stewards.
A hound may be excused for a number of reasons: Did Not Run; Hound Coursed Other Hound; Handler Interference; Hound Delayed Course; Hound Unfit to Compete; and Other. A Judge must indicate for which offense the hound is Excused. A hound Excused in the Preliminary runs will not count toward points for the other hounds. Excused in the Final runs will count.
Absent with the permission of the body or the presiding officer.
Absence of a Member with permission of the body.
Keywords:  jurors, exemption, write, granted, book
granted exemption; "one of the excused jurors planned to write a book"