Definitions for "Scratches"
Slight incisions, breaks, tears or indentations on the surface caused by abrasive friction. Screeds Usually a 2–by–4 inch (50MM by 100MM) piece of wood laid flat side down and attached to a concrete subfloor to provide a nailing surface for tongue–and–groove strip flooring or a wood subfloor.
Loss on the surface, which may extend to the paint and ground layers caused by marking the surface with something sharp. Scratches Examples
Narrow, shallow, elongated, rough-edged depressions on the surface of a fashioned diamond, usually appearing as faint white lines under magnification.
Scratches is a mystery adventure computer game by game developer Nucleosys. Scratches is the first commercial adventure game ever to be made in Argentina.
A chronic skin condition found in the pastern area. For more information: Pastern Dermatitis in Horses
A scratch is a deeper break in the paint or clear coat. Scratches that go part way through the top clear coat can be removed by compounding, polishing and finishing with a wax. You should not attempt to remove a scratch that goes through or almost through the clear coat. As a general rule, if you can feel a scratch with your fingernail, you should not attempt to remove it completely.
non-photographic blemishes on the film emulsion or base.