Definitions for "Guided tour"
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a tour conducted for tourism purposes by a tour guide. Reference: A Glossary of Selected Tourism Terms, 1980 Prepared by the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Tourism of the NEDA Inter-agency Committee (IAC) on Trade and Tourism and the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT), University of the Philippines (UP)
(as used in e-learning): see demos.
a great alternative for those who want to learn at a more leisurely pace and enjoy taking in the sights while you learn
a great way to get oriented to New York City
a must also a cream tea at the Randolph Hotel where many Morse scenes were filmed and the small village of wolvercote also associated with Morse
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a must to know the minutiae of each room in the building
a spectacular explanation of the techniques used to model organic shapes such as plants
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a composite node, i
a teacher-developed activity related to an instructional unit
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a short piece that just jumped at me one day