Definitions for "Sights"
Keywords:  gun, rear, breech, muzzle, aim
Mechanical, optical, or electronic devices used to aim a gun.
The mechanical parts on the top of the barrel that allow you to aim the gun. There is a front sight which is usually a post on the top of the muzzle, and a rear sight which has a notch in it. The rear sight may be an adjustable device on the breech end of the barrel or just a groove cut into the top of the breech end of the barrel.
Front and rear components used to align a firearm with its intended target.
Keywords:  occularium, visor, helmet, slot, eye
the ‘eye slot' in a helmet's visor. Also called occularium.
See "diamonds".
The term given to the special sales held by D.T.C. 10 times a year where parcels of rough diamonds are presented the D.T.C. sight-holders (of which there are approximately 138 worldwide) for purchase.
Observations to help in the finding of a ship's position.