Definitions for "Tweener"
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a wrestler who isn't a clear-cut heel or face, but is in be tween
A wrestler who is a good guy and a bad guy all wrapped up in one. Example: "Steve Austin used to be a tweener but now he's a total face."
A wrestler who is part heel and part face. He isn't classified as a heel or face, he is more in the middle.
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"Tweener" is the ninth episode of television series Prison Break. It was first broadcast on October 31, 2005 in the United States. The episode is written by the series creator, Paul Scheuring and directed by Matt Earl Beesley.
a player who may play one position in college, but be ill-suited for that same position as a professional
a player with the size to play one position but the skills to play another
player whose projected position in the NFL falls in a gray area between two positions.
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a hurried showcase in which there is time for two or three songs at the most
a scouting term used that means I was "between" the size of a linebacker and a defensive end
Someone who is constantly running between home and da camp
a book that derives it's numbers by taking the middle point between the numbers calculated by all other books.
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a computing device that is smaller