Definitions for "Smiley"
Keywords:  emoticon, wink, sideways, sad, happy
Smiley is a small application that makes it easy to add new emoticons to iChat and iChat AV applications. With Smiley, you can add prebuilt emoticon packs or create your own images and add them easily and quickly.
Since you can't use voice inflection when you communicate with people online, people use smileys as a way to add emotion to their words. :-) If you look at it sideways you can see the smile. Also called emoticons.
A combination of characters, to express an emotion. E.g. :-) happy, :-( sad.
Upper lip frenulum piercing. This piercing passes through the fold of skin in the midline between the inside of the upper lip and the gum.
the opposite of a "frowny", a piercing of the slight web (frenulum) between the upper lip and gums
Smiley is an Australian film made in 1956. It was produced and directed by Anthony Kimmins. It starred Ralph Richardson, Chips Rafferty, and Colin Petersen as Smiley.
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a terrible thing to waste
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Put some passion into your messages - say it with a smiley :-). Just select the smiley you want to use from the ready-made collection in the phone.
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You don't know what a smiley is? You really should stay indoors a bit more.
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a graphical image used in posts on forums
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a cut from the side of the mouth to the ear