Definitions for "Leet"
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(also known as leetspeak or 1337 ), from the phonetic form of the word " elite ", is a cipher, or novel form of English spelling. It is characterized by the use of non-alphabet characters to stand for letters bearing a superficial resemblance, and by a number of spelling changes such as the substitution of "z" for final "s" and "x" for "(c)ks". Leetspeak is traditionally used on the Internet and other online communities, such as bulletin board systems. Leetspeak is used byscript kiddies, gamers and lamers.You can download a 9kb l33t 5p34k generator here
Slang variant of "elite".
A dood speak form of saying elite. May also be seen as l33t, 1337, L337 etc...
A court-leet; the district within the jurisdiction of a court-leet; the day on which a court-leet is held.
The term used for a subdivision of land in Kent equivalent to a hundred. (MEDIEV-L. Medieval Terms) In some towns, a ward or division of the town; also used in the later Middle Ages for courts with similar jurisdiction to frankpledge courts. (Reynolds, Susan. An Introduction to the History of English Medieval Towns, 199)
Subdivision of land in Kent, equivalent of a Hundred; see also rape.
A portion; a list, esp. a list of candidates for an office.
list of candidates for election, e.g., as bailies, etc.
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The European pollock.
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Error? Aqueduct Channel
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of Let, to allow.