Definitions for "Tannins"
Tannins are the bitter, astringent compounds you notice when you bite into a grape pip, or the skins of certain table grapes. Tannins are the astringency in stewed tea, and the bitterness in pomegranate pith. And, in the correct proportions, tannins form the backbone of red wines, providing bite and firmness. They emerge from the skins and pips during the fermentation and maceration of red wines, and out of new or newish oak barrels during subsequent maturation.
Astringent polyphenol compounds that can cause haze and/or join with large proteins to precipitate them from solution. Tannins are most commonly found in the grain husks and hop cone material.
natural chemical substances present in grape skins. They belong to a category of polyphenols (colouring substances)
Complex acidic mixtures of chemicals.
pigments in plants responsible for brown colors.