Definitions for "Floors"
Keywords:  keel, hull, bilge, transverse, bracket
Transverse frames that run across the keel but do not extend up the sides, also the portion of the hull between the keel and the turn of the bilge.
Just to cause confusion, this is not a deck but the name of the bracket that connects the keel to the frames of the hull. They are particularly important in way of the mast, where they stop the downward force at the heel of the mast pushing out the bottom of the boat.
The number of levels in the tallest section of a building that are actually considered a part of the building, including parking areas, basements, or other floors below ground level, but excluding half-floors, mezzanines, balconies, and lofts.
A Features field to indicate the type of flooring throughout the property. (Concrete, granite, hardwood, marble, laminate, etc.)
Floor Heating Systems - Hardwood Floors
Keywords:  grouting, infer, tiles, wooden, scoring
Floors may be constructed in a number of ways and with a number of different coverings. Certain finishes such as tiles can be painted onto the wooden floor of the model house after first scoring the wooden board to mark out and infer grouting.