Definitions for "Computer Telephone Integration"
Keywords:  cti, telephony, csta, cit, ivr
A term for connecting a computer to a telephone switch and having the computer issue the telephone switch commands to move calls around. The classic application for CTI is in call centers. Scenario: A call comes in and carries a form of caller ID. The switch "hears" the calling number, takes it, and sends it to the computer. The computer then looks up that number in the database and sends the switch back instructions on what to do with the call (i.e. send it to a specialized service rep). The rep then sees a screen pop of information about the caller. CTI and CT (computer telephony) are often confused. CTI covers the integration with switches and CT covers that and additional features.
Computer telephone integration (CTI) connects a computer to a phone system and lets the computer take control of the commands.
A generic name for the technology automatically relating computers and PABXs via applications such as ACD, power dialing, IVR and other customer facing or agent facing services. A so known by older, proprietary names CIT (Computer Integrated Telephony) and CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications).