Definitions for "Labor Condition Application"
( LCA) - a form filed by the H1B employer with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) as part of the H1B petition process, making several attestations or promises. The employer agrees to pay the H1B employee the greater of (a) the actual wage paid to U.S. workers in the same position with the employer or (b) the prevailing wage for the position in that local area. The employer promises to provide the same working conditions to H1B workers as to U.S. workers, that there is no strike or work stoppage, and that notice of the LCA has been posted at the worksite. A copy of the LCA must also be given to the H1B worker. For employers defined as "H1B dependent" there are additional attestations with regard to recruitment and displacement of U.S. workers. Lawful Permanent Resident ( LPR; also, green card holder) - one having the right to reside permanently and work in the U.S. Unlike a U.S. citizen, however, an LPR does not have the right to vote and can be deported (removed) if, for example, convicted of certain crimes. LCA - See Labor Condition Application
An application to the Department of Labor regarding employment of H-1B professionals. The employer is required to attest that the H-1B employment will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly-employed U.S. workers.
A document filed with the Department of Labor before an H-1B petition is begun. An approved LCA is necessary for all H-1B petitions. On the LCA, the employer makes the following four attestations: it will pay the required wage rate (the higher of the prevailing wage or actual wage) to its H-1B employees; the presence of H-1B workers will not adversely affect the working conditions of other similarly situated workers in the same job category; there is no strike, lockout, or work stoppage pursuant to a labor dispute in the job category at the place of employment; and a copy of the LCA has been, or will be, provided to each H-1B worker and the employer has also provided notice of the filing of the LCA by posting in two conspicuous locations on the work premises.