Definitions for "Structural unemployment"
Unemployment caused by advancing technology that makes an entire job obsolete.
the number of vacant jobs which exceeds the number of persons unemployed, because the available jobs do not match up with the skills of the unemployed persons. Subject - “Subject” refers to the person carrying out an action, rather than the object which is being acted upon. The term is often used as a synonym for “human being”, or the consciousness of a human being. In the context of history, “subject” means the agent of history, the people who are the conscious architects of events, rather than their unconscious tools. Subjectivism - Subjectivism refers to extreme emphasis on the significance of the individual subject in cognition (as for example in the Second Positivism). In Ethics, subjectivism claims that no moral truths are possible, they are entirely relative to the person. Dialectics combines subjectivism and objectivism for a complete understanding of the universe, emphasising for example the role of the individual in making history, while emphasising the role of society in influencing the individual.
Unemployment levels inherent in an economic structure.