Definitions for "knowledge worker"
a term coined by Peter Drucker to describe participants in an economy where information and its manipulation are the commodity and the activity. Contrast this with the industrial age worker who was primarily required to produce a tangible object. Examples of knowledge workers include--but are not limited to--marketing analysts, engineers, product developers, resource planners, researchers, and legal counselors. View records related to this term
Someone whose job function revolves around the use, manipulation, and dissemination of information.
Someone whose primary job focus is the accumulation, processing or analysis of data and information, as opposed to physical goods.
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A person within an organization whose role relies on their ability to find, use and generate knowledge. LCMS(Learning Content Management System) Software used to create, store and facilitate the reuse of learning materials.
An employee whose role relies on his or her ability to find and use knowledge.
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a specialist who directs his or her own performance through organized feedback
A person whose occupation is predominantly concerned with generating or interpreting information, as contrasted with manual labor.
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an asset that appreciates over time