Definitions for "Manpower"
in the physical world a unit of power equivalent to 74.60 watts. Obsolete
Manpower was a short propaganda film produced by the US Office of War Information in 1942.
Manpower is a 1941 film about power company linemen starring Edward G. Robinson, Marlene Dietrich, and George Raft. The memorable posters for the movie proclaimed, "Robinson - He's mad about Dietrich.
Keywords:  icular, rmw, available, workers, suited
the force of workers available
The total number of people who are suited to a part icular type of work. The term is typically associated with Manpower Requirements or Availability, etc. [D03650] RMW
The number of people available for work (it can also mean the power of a man working)
a portion of population which has actual or potential capability to contribute to the production of goods and services.